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New Rebuilt Website Launched!

New Rebuilt Website Launched!

Hello all! 

        I apologise for all of the website changes i have made, it must annoying when your use to one website, then you have me changing website every week aha im not a professional web designer, i am a young entrepreneur eager to learn anything that comes my way, so i will learn anything that comes my way.

We did have a company designing our website for us but we pulled out, as they were not meeting any expectations they promised, so i had to bring out my creative side and build a new website myself, im not a web designer but this what i designed with the tools i have, more changes to come to our website in the near future, im learning as im going along, i wanna give you a comfortable shopping experience you deserve, without any headaches on the way. 

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Many of blessings

Joseph Ronan

Future Alignments

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